Signs You Have Conversion Leaks in Your Online Store

As an owner of an ecommerce store you are always trying to figure out how to drive more traffic to the website. But have you ever actually look at the rate for conversion of visitors to customers. This post aims to help you realize how to optimize the conversion rate and recover lost sales for your ecommerce store.

Low Conversion Rate

If you have a high ratio of visitors but a low number of sales then there must be something making the shoppers abandon their carts. It might be the product costs, checkout process or shipping charges. You should analyze the reason behind this and try to rectify it. Once you figure out the reason you address it. Shoppers can be reminded of their abandoned products through email, social media advertisements and any other techniques that produce a chance to interact with the potential consumer.

Customers Seldom Return

Most ecommerce marketers do not put any effort in engaging the visitor and in that way miss out on creating loyal customers. They need to make the person want to return to the website and buy again so the sales continue to increase. The more loyal customers a store has, the more orders they will receive. The store can be promoted through referral programs, loyalty campaigns and other tools that keep the customer coming back for more.

Large Bounce Off Rate

Another reason for conversion leaks is a large bounce off rate. This is due to a lack of understanding about the customer. You need to understand why the customers are leaving the store without browsing. It is not wise to bombard the public with marketing campaigns but plugging their exit with specific advertising and order recommendations. If the offer appeals to the customer they are likely to follow the campaign links and bounce off numbers are bound to decrease.

Unanswered Queries

If a customer’s queries about the product, shipping procedure or payment method are not answered on time they are likely to move on to the next ecommerce store. To convince them of the benefits of your service or product you should invest in friendly and efficient customer service representatives.  They must answer all questions a visitor might have through prompt email reply, call backs or social media pages. You can also figure out what customers are concerned about and improve the product as well.