4 Features to Look for When Selecting an E-commerce Website Design

Online shopping is the future. More and more customers are shunning away from in-store and opting to online shopping. Humans are becoming lazy. They are handing over their tasks to robots and machines.  When it comes to shopping, people are looking for ways they can get stuff on their doorsteps without necessarily having to walk in and out of the store.

Combining this aspect with widespread internet connectivity, it means an expansion of the online market.  However, as an entrepreneur, your e-commerce website design will determine whether you will become successful.

For this reason, you must be conscious when selecting a web design for your online store, so that it becomes the best e-commerce website to offer your products. Here are the most crucial features you should consider before choosing an e-commerce website design:

a)    Rating and reviews

When selling products online, it is natural that your target customers do not have a chance to interact with other customers. Sometimes it is hard to convince people to buy an item even with high-quality images and informative product descriptions.

However, it is common knowledge that a significant number of people rely on what other people say about an item or a product in making their purchase decision. With this in mind, it is evident that customer reviews and ratings are outstanding.

Thus, always seek for website designs with rating and review features. These features will give your customers room for rating and review your products and services. Hence, it will enhance your opportunity for making more sales.

b)    Filtering and categorization options

If you are offering a variety of products in your online store, it is advisable to look for web designs with filtering and categorization options. Filtering helps you to enhance customer searches. When your products are filtered based on their categories, it becomes easier for your customers to find what they want and to improve your website navigation and appearance.

Furthermore, categorizing your products reduces customers time wasting. Instead of scrolling and browsing through the entire web page, the customers can just click on the specific category and select their product of choice.

As such, this feature boosts shopping experience. For this reason, you should ensure that your e-commerce website design offers you filtering and categorization options.

c)    Product pages designing options

Even with quality products and descriptions, it can be hard to sell if the product pages are not convincing.  The design of your product page can stimulate a sale or chase away the customers.   In this regard, when choosing a web design, you need to ensure that it can woo customers.

For instance, since there is no interaction between your products and customers, your product page should enable you to display bold image of the product. This way, you will do away with any doubtful questions on the quality or benefits of the product.

Furthermore, the product page should allow you to present multiple and multi-dimensional images of your products that will influence customer buying decisions.

d)    The checkout design

Regardless of the quality of your product, descriptions and easy navigation, without simple checkout designs losing sales will become a standard trend on your e-commerce website. As you know, people do not have a lot of time to spend online. And if they do, they are impatient.

With this in mind, you need to ensure your e-commerce website design eases the checkout process. Your customers should process their payments without any hassle. You should avoid cases of bursting out new charges at the checkout phase. Doing this will help you to reduce or eliminate instances of cart abandonment.